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Technical Support

Kingbull's customer service center offers accurate, fast, efficient and quality technical supports to meet customers' overall demands.

Specific technical supports include:
1. Offer technical supports in the application field of piping products;
a. Technical problem settlement;
b. Piping system installation guidance, material budget;
c. Drawing design for low temperature underfloor heating system

2. Handle customer information
a. Handle complaint information;
b. Handle consulting information;

3. Investigate customer satisfaction
3. Conduct follow-up product quality investigation and obtain feedback from customers
4. Deal with the accidents caused by quality problem
5. Provide distributors and users with all kinds of services and assist them accomplishing information transfer
6. Lead customer service representatives of each distributor to better serve customers
7. Train and offer engineering technicians to distributors anytime, helping them to solve technical problems
8. Deliver relevant information about construction projects to distributors regularly and assist them in construction bidding
9. Establish customer files and record customer information into company's database
10. Offer large dealers supporting marketing and sales services of related products