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Piping Solutions

Here at Kingbull, we are proud to offer safe, cost-effective and easy-to-install piping solutions for your pipe system installations in house, building and municipal projects. We offer a vast variety of plastic pipes and fittings for your piping requirements.

    1. House Piping Solution

      Pipe selection: PVC-U pipes; HDPE pipes
      Nominal O.D.: dn50~dn200
      Executive Standard: ISO 3633: 2002

    1. Piping System for Building

      At Kingbull, we offer pipes, fittings and tools available in complete specifications for drainage system, water supply system, underfloor heating system, HAVC air conditioning system and electrical protection system of a building. From product development, design, production, transportation to installation guidance, Kingbull will be your most trusted partner and system solution provider.

    1. Piping Systems for Municipal Projects

      Kingbull has offered a diversity of pipes and fittings for the installation of drainage system, water supply system, gas piping system and geothermal piping system in many municipal projects. We have won praise and recognition from domestic and overseas customers by means of high quality products and considerate services.