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Service Team and Strength

At Kingbull, we have an applied and engineering technology center where we set up department of engineering technology, applied technology department and after-sales department which form a complete and effective service and technical support system. In addition, we have professional engineering technicians who offer customers one-stop services throughout pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales periods. This can totally ensure the quality of Kingbull plastic pipes and fittings during transportation, handling, storing, installation and use in your construction projects.

Department Structure
Applied & Engineering Technology Center:
1. Applied Technology Department
2. Engineering Technology Department
3. After-Sales Department

Specially, we offer
Technical support system in the charge of general manager;
Over 10 engineers who offer engineering support;
Professional service team composed of 30 people;
70 sets of excellent installation equipment;
More than ten years of experience in construction and training;
Customer-oriented service aim