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Service & Technology
    1. Service Team and Strength

      At Kingbull, we have an applied and engineering technology center where we set up department of engineering technology, applied technology department and after-sales department which form a complete and effective service and technical support system. In addition, we have professional engineering technicians who offer customers one-stop services throughout pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales periods. This can totally ensure the quality of Kingbull plastic pipes and fittings during transportation, handling, storing, installation and use in your construction projects.

    1. Technical Support

      Specific technical supports include:
      1. Offer technical supports in the application field of piping products;
      a. Technical problem settlement;
      b. Piping system installation guidance, material budget;
      c. Drawing design for low temperature underfloor heating system

      2. Handle customer information
      a. Handle complaint information;
      b. Handle consulting information;

    1. Looking for Agents

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    1. Download

      Download the files we offer in PDF format to check the information about our pipes and piping systems covering specifications, sizes, installation, etc.