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R&D Center

Kingbull's enterprise technology center was established in 2004. It is mainly built for research and development of plastic pipes and fittings and piping system technologies. Each year, we invest 3% of sales into R&D.

In 2013, we set up graphene-polymer engineering R&D center to work on the development and application of grapheme based polymer. In 2014, we built a R&D center in Belgium which is mainly used to conduct introduction of state of the art technologies at present.

R&D Team
As for research and development, we establish a professional R&D team inside the company which is composed of doctors majored in macromolecule, and perform positive cooperation with domestic and overseas universities, research institutions, well-known enterprises and government and regulatory bodies outside the company to build a committee of experts.

We have a national recognized testing laboratory and a large group of high level and quality technical talents. We employ domestic sophisticated experts to be technical director. In addition, we keep close cooperation and communication with many authoritative organizations and enterprises in pipe technologies, to work jointly on the development and innovation of Chinese pipe technology and other polymers.

R&D Achievement
Up to now, we have developed 79 proprietary products and processes. We are proud to manufacture high-tech products that lead domestic market and keep up with others in international market.

Our R&D center has developed 50 kinds of new products, hosted the formulation of 5 industry standards, and participated in the formulation of 3 national standards, 6 technical regulations and 3 standards manuals.