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Quality Control

Rigorous and Effective Quality Control System
1. Kingbull has established a strict quality control system where the pipe code information is complete and traceable, and the responsibility can be tracked to specific production line and individual.
2. Code information on the pipes includes pipe specifications, production date, production line, raw materials and formula etc.
3. Effectively running the ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems, we built a three-grade quality control system that ensures 100% qualification of products.
4. We enforce first inspection on the pipes produced after each starting up and change of process, equipment and raw materials.
5. On-site inspection guarantees the size and appearance of each pipe rolling off the production line.
6. We perform strict outgoing quality control for each batch of pipes and fittings.
7. Combination of inspection in our laboratory and national laboratory ensures the inner quality standard of our plastic piping is always meeting the international standard.
8. All pipes that can not reach the standard of high quality products will be directly weeded out and scraped.

Part of Certificates
  • SGS Inspection Report
  • SP
  • AENOR Product Certificate-Plastics
  • Factory Approval Certificate-PE Fittings for Water Supply
  • Factory Approval Certificate-PE Pipes for Drainage and Sewerage
  • Factory Approval Certificate-PE Pipes for Water Supply
  • NSF Certificate
  • ACS Certificate
  • StandardsMark License-Multilayer Pipes
  • StandardsMark License-PE-RT Pipes
  • StandardsMark License-PE-X Fittings
  • StandardsMark License-PE-X Pipes
Superior Raw Materials

Our raw materials are all from well known suppliers such as Sinopec, PetroChina, Borealis and LG.

RA130E is a material produced by Borealis for PPR pipes. Place of origin is UAE. This raw material comes with wide molecular weight distribution, excellent machinability and great impact strength. It is one of the best materials for PPE pipes. Kingbull uses 2500 tons of this material each year.

State of the Art Production Equipment
1) We use BM barrier screw and KIV forced feed system which ensure less loss of material performance.
2) Scientific die head design, advanced sizing and cooling system and online laser diameter measuring instrument account for great pipe appearance and high dimensional stability.

3) We introduce the cutting edge aluminum cladding equipment that provides excellent adhesive bonding effect, easy and stable operation and high product qualification rate.
4) A high speed PPR pipe cutter imported from Italy is able to carry out rapid, chip free cutting, ensuring flat and smooth end face and preventing notch stress concentration after cutting.

Advanced Production Technique
We are proud of having scientific sizing and cooling process. During pipe sizing, undercooling makes internal stress of pipes unable to be eliminated and produces stress concentration that leads to easy cracking under impact of external force. If cooling speed is too low, pipe has large crystallization that results in uneven shrinkage and that long term performance can not be guaranteed.

Though a large number of experiments, we obtained reasonable sizing and cooling process. The pipes that we produce go through the continuous test of 8760 hours.
Reasonable forming process control ensures superior adhesive and cladding property of aluminum strip sandwiched between two plastic layers. The junction of the tubular aluminum layer features tight sealing without flaw of quality.

Best-in-Class Testing Equipment
Our testing center was recognized in May 14, 2010 by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and meanwhile we signed the ILAC MRA. National recognized testing center is provided with the technical capability to conduct national level testing service. In addition, our testing center accepted by CNAS can join in bilateral and multilateral cooperation with laboratories worldwide.

1. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC):
This equipment is an excellent thermal analysis instrument manufactured by TA Instruments in the United States. It is mainly used to test the important parameters of various raw materials and pipes such as melting point, oxidative induction time, etc.

Karl Fischer Coulometer:
Produced by Mettler Toledo, the coulomb meter uses any moisture contained in the sample to carry out quantitative reaction with Karl Fischer reagent of given water equivalent, so as to measure the moisture content in raw materials and color mastermatch.

Leica Research Level Metallurgical Microscope:
The equipment is mainly used to observe the dispersity of color mastermatch and carbon black in the pipe.

Pressure Laboratory:
Here at our pressure laboratory, we test the hydrostatic property of finished pipes. Two sets of compressive and bursting strength tester in the lab are all manufactured by MTS. They can simultaneously conduct compressive strength test to 40 pipes in different conditions.

Cycle Life Testing Room:
In the cycle life testing room, hot and cold water cycle test machine is equipped with 2 big water tanks where the temperatures are respectively 95℃ and 20℃. Hot water and cold water flow through the pipes repeatedly for 5000 times. In each cycle, it takes 15 minutes for hot water and 15 minutes for cold water. This is used to test the systematic suitability of pipes and fittings.

Our best in class laboratory also has hydrostatic tester, MFR tester, electronic tensile testing machine, Izod impact testing machine, etc.