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Water Supply System Here at Kingbull, as a leading piping solution provider in China, we offer a vast variety of pipes and fittings for water supply system such as PPR pipes and fittings, PVC-U pipes and fittings, PEX pipes and fittings, and PE pipes and fittings. These water supply pipes and fittings feature the best designs, with excellent mechanical and chemical properties, high energy efficiency, and low cost.
Water Drainage System Nowadays, plastic pipes and fittings such as PVC-U pipes and fittings, as well as HDPE pipes and fittings are becoming increasingly popular for water drainage systems. They offer all the advantages you need for sewage and rainwater drainage purposes. At Kingbull, we supply the right PVC-U and HDPE pipes to meet your demands. We are also proud to provide excellent bathroom drainage solution and siphonic roof drainage solution.
Underfloor Heating Pipe System Underfloor heating today is undoubtedly the most technically valid heating solution for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. An indispensable feature of good house is having a good underfloor heating system. To have a good underfloor heating system, you need to have high quality underfloor heating pipes. At Kingbull, we offer a wide range of pipes and fittings to form an excellent floor heating system.
Gas Piping System Currently, plastic gas pipes in PEX-AL-PEX, PERT-AL-PERT and PE-AL-PE constructions are the admittedly the ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor gas piping systems. They are used as safe, cost-effective and easy-to-install alternatives to conventional gas pipes. As a specialized plastic pipes manufacturer, we offer a wide range of excellent polyethylene gas piping system solutions.
Municipal Piping System A complete municipal piping system should be installed to include water supply system, wastewater drainage system, gas piping system and electrical conduit piping system. At Kingbull, we are proud to design and manufacture a complete range of plastic pipes and fittings in various materials and specifications for the every type of municipal piping installations.
Geothermal Piping System (for GSHP) The geothermal piping system provides heating and cooling energy for a building with a little consumption of electric power. It is quite energy efficient.
Multilayer Composite Pipes Multilayer composite pipes integrate all the benefits and advantages of plastic and metal pipes into one single pipe. Among the numerous advantages of using multilayer pipes is the excellent flexibility and high longevity. Plus pressure and temperature stability, these pipes offer unmatched solutions to piping requirements. Due to remarkable resistance to corrosion, impact and heat, great oxygen-tight performance, and light weight, multilayer composite pipes are widely applied in modern pipe installations.

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