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Founded in 1999, Kingbull is located in Hanyang City Industrial Park, covering an area of 150,000 square meters and staffed by nearly 3000 employees. We own 102 production lines for all kinds of pipes and fittings. We have a practical production aim that our production value will reach 10 billion RMB before 2020. In addition, Kingbull keeps a watchfull eye on the technological development of international new functional materials, and takes environmental protection and high-tech as the future trend in development.

No.1 Workshop

In this workshop, we have 28 PPR pipes production lines which give an annual output of up to 34,000 tons per year. In these production lines, central feeding system, diameter measuring instrument and pipe code printer boast traceability. We employ 7S management which ensures high automation.

  • 1) Central Feeding System
    The central feeding system realizes automatic material mixing and transporting, ensuring high uniformity, high measuring accuracy and reduced labor cost.

  • 2) Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument
    This equipment provides online monitoring of outer diameter of pipes, making sure that pipe O.D. is within the standard range.

  • 3) Inkjet Printer
    The equipment is used to print code information on the pipe including the batch of raw material, number of manufacturing machine and specific production time (accurate to minute). This makes the pipe traceable.

4) BM Screw
This component is independently developed by Kingbull. It can realize separation of solid and liquid in the raw material. The BM barrier screw assures the extruder of better plasticizing effect and completely transfers excellent performance of raw materials to the finished products.

No. 2 Workshop

The no.2 workshop is equipped with 28 production lines for PERT pipes and fittings. They come with high production efficiency and fast traction. Each line can achieve a speed of 40m/min, and annual output is up to 35000 tons. PERT pipes produced in this workshop have the largest domestic market share.

  • 1) Spiral Die Head
    The die head provides the product with better plasticizing effect. It comes with relatively scientific dimensional chain and excellent thermal inertia.

  • 2) High Speed Sizing System
    The sizing system applies a pre-cooling and water jacket forced cooling construction which ensures remarkable cooling effect and quick forming, with small dimensional fluctuation and high stability.

  • 3) Pressure Testing
    Each coil of PE-RT pipes will be subject to pressure testing at 2 Mpa for 2 minutes, for the purpose of ensuring qualified air tightness and eliminating potential quality flaws such as impurities, holes, etc.

  • 4) Bar Code Scanning
    Bar codes boast the functions of preventing counterfeiting and confusion. They contain a lot of information about the pipes which can be read by scanning. This makes the pipes traceable.

5) Double-Station Automatic Winding Machine:
This fully automatic pipe coil winding machine developed by Kingbull in collaboration with Foxconn. It features the functions of auto coiling, cutting, pressure testing, code printing, bundling, etc.

EZHOU Sub-Production Base and Workshops
Warehouse and Delivery
  • Our pipe warehouse is arranged to directly connect to the manufacturing workshop, so as to provide convenience for safe and efficient warehouse management.

  • Finished products warehouse comes with a total storage capacity of up to 3600 tons. Every day, it allows 40-45 cars to load products. Daily shipping amount reaches a 2 million USD.

Kingbull attaches great importance to the management standard of finished products warehouse. It is clean and neat, and all products can be easily identified by clear signs of specifications.

Kingbull has signed long term transportation contracts with 10 5A-grade and more than 20 3A-grade logistics carriers which carry over 2000 transportation lines.