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Piping Systems for Municipal Projects

Kingbull has offered a diversity of pipes and fittings for the installation of drainage system, water supply system, gas piping system and geothermal piping system in many municipal projects. We have won praise and recognition from domestic and overseas customers by means of high quality products and considerate services.

Structural Scheme

1. Electricity
2. PVC-U Electrical Conduit Pipes
3. PVC-U Electrical Conduit Pipes

4. Telecommunication
5. PE Gas Pipes 6. Gas

7. Water Supply
8. PE Water Supply Pipes
9. Drainage

10. HDPE Spiral Wound Pipe
      FRPP Corrugated Pipe
      Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

Part of Cooperative Projects
  • Wuhan Railway Station
  • Chongqing Chayuan Public Transit Hub
  • Chongqing International Trade and Commerce Center
  • Kungming Cultural Space Residential Community