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House Piping Solution
Drainage System
Water Supply System
Underfloor Heating System
Electrical Conduit System
Gas Piping System

Pipe selection: PVC-U pipes; HDPE pipes
Nominal O.D.: dn50~dn200
Executive Standard: ISO 3633: 2002

Pipe selection: PEX pipes, PP-R pipes, PPR-AL-PPR pipes, PPR-Steel-PPR pipes, PE pipes, PVC-U pipes
Executive Standard: ISO-15875
Nominal O.D.: dn16~dn32

Pipe Introduction
Kingbull’s PEX pipes are manufactured using premium quality material and state of the art technology. They are produced in strict accordance to the standards of ISO-15875. We have passed the ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certification tests.

Pipe selection: PE-RT pipes
Nominal O.D.: dn16~dn32
Series: S3.2, S4, S5

Pipe Introduction
The PE-RT pipe is mainly used for underfloor radiant heating system. The PE-RT floor heating pipes are put under the floor in loop type. Hot water of less than 60℃ circulates in the pipes and heat the floor; the floor radiates the heat evenly inside the room, thus to maintain indoor temperature constant.

Pipe selection: PVC-U electrical conduit pipes
Nominal O.D.: dn16~dn40

Pipe Introduction
Kingbull’s PVC-U electrical conduit pipes and fittings are manufactured to the standards of JG3050-1998 from premium quality PVC resins and processing agents in extrusion and injection molding processes. They are mainly used as cable pipes for electrical insulation, with excellent quality and reliability.

Pipe selection: PEX-AL-PEX multilayer pipes
Nominal O.D.: dn16~dn32

Pipe Introduction
PEX-AL-PEX multilayer pipes from Kingbull are proven to be more cost-effective, easier and faster to install, as well as to have superior characteristics and benefits over traditional gas pipes. They are constructed with 5 layers. The inner and outermost layers are PEX and central layer is overlap-welded aluminum. They are bonded by hot melt adhesives. The aluminum layer feature excellent stability and reliability, providing high compressive strength, small linear expansion coefficient and remarkable sanitary performance and safety.