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Multilayer Composite Pipes

Multilayer composite pipes integrate all the benefits and advantages of plastic and metal pipes into one single pipe. Among the numerous advantages of using multilayer pipes is the excellent flexibility and high longevity. Plus pressure and temperature stability, these pipes offer unmatched solutions to piping requirements. Due to remarkable resistance to corrosion, impact and heat, great oxygen-tight performance, and light weight, multilayer composite pipes are widely applied in modern pipe installations.

Kingbull has the perfect selection of multilayer composite pipes for your water supply system, drainage system, gas piping system and underfloor heating system. Our composite pipes are available in a wide range of constructions such as PPR-steel-PPR, PE-AL-PE, PEX-AL-PEX, PERT-AL-PERT, etc.

    1. Based on years of development and a large number of experiments, Kingbull releases PPR-Steel-PPR composite pipes and combination fittings to the market which successfully handle the connection problems of steel-plastic composite pipes.
    1. Double heat fusion technique enables the aluminum layer to be completely isolated from the outside environment, thus ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and up to 50 years service life.
    1. This forms a construction of PE-Adhesive-Aluminum-Adhesive-PE. The PE-AL-PE pipes can be installed for transporting natural gas, LPG, coal gas and other gases, with the maximum allowable working pressure up to 0.4Mpa.
    1. They also come with small linear expansion coefficient that is only 1/5 of that of common PPR pipes, close to that of metal pipes. Comparison diagram is shown below.
    1. They are ideally used in various applications such as indoor water supply pipes, hot water pipes, drinking water delivery pipes, underground floor piping etc.
    1. Based on the up to date manufacturing techniques and industry know-how, the PAP pipe is constructed using 5 layers in total, including, from inner to outermost, PE-X, adhesive, aluminum alloy, adhesive and PE-X.
    1. They are proven to be more cost-effective, easier and faster to install, as well as to have superior characteristics and benefits as compared with traditional gas pipes.
    1. The aluminum layer acts as an oxygen barrier, so the multilayer pipes come with no oxygen permeation, protecting metal parts from corrosion.
    1. Kingbull PERT-AL-PERT multilayer pipes are designed for underfloor heating systems. They combine the characteristics of both plastic pipes and metal pipes:
      Oxygen impermeability
    1. With all advantages of PE-RT pipes, this floor heating pipe can effectively prevent oxygen permeating into the heating system and thereby eliminate bacteria growth inside the pipes to ensure clean water and better sanitation, as well as protect the metal parts in the system from oxidization to ensure a much longer service life.

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