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PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer Pipes for Gas

The PERT-AL-PERT multilayer pipes for gas are composite pipes constructed with 5 layers of materials. The inner layer and outermost layer are PE-RT, and the sandwich layer is a butt welded aluminum pipe. The layers are bonded together using hot melt adhesives.

Executive standard: ASTM F1335, ASTM 4176.8

One-Step Molding Process:

Inner PERT extrusion—Adhesive coating—Aluminum tape cladding—Butt welding—Adhesive coating—Outer PERT extrusion—Cutting—Packaging

Features of the PERT-AL-PERT Multilayer Pipes:
Thickness of the aluminum layer reaches the ASTM standard, offering high pressure bearing capacity.
TIG welding method ensures high weld joint strength.
Due to special process and above standard test, adhesive performance at normal and high temperature is great.
The PERT-AL-PERT pipes are proven to be safe and reliable in gas transmission system, with long service life.
With small linear expansion coefficient, they will not deform in use.
The aluminum layer acts as an oxygen barrier, so the multilayer pipes come with no oxygen permeation, protecting metal parts from corrosion.

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