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Geothermal Piping System for GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump)

Ground source heat pump (GSHP), also called geothermal heat pump is a central heating and cooling system for buildings with a certain savings of electric energy. It can extract the geothermal energy in winter to realize heating of a building and release residual heat energy within the building to realize cooling in summer. The geothermal piping system transfers heat to or from the ground and provides a source renewable energy.

Buildings like schools, villas, etc.
Buildings like offices, residences, hotels, etc.

1. Excellent Energy Efficiency
The geothermal piping system provides heating and cooling energy for a building with a little consumption of electric power. It is quite energy efficient.

2. Environmental Protection, No Pollution
Boiler is not required for the geothermal heat pump system when it offers heating in winter, thus considerably reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. This is friendly to our environment.

3. Low Noise
The whole geothermal piping system produces almost no noise during work, delivering high comfort to people in the building.

4. Low Operating Cost
Cost of the ground source heat pump system for heating and cooling is only 30-70% of that of conventional heating and cooling system.

5. Low Maintenance Cost
It is unnecessary to install outdoor equipment for the geothermal piping system. For example, there is no cooling tower and roof ventilator, thus reducing cost of installation. Additionally, compressor works stably and is free from over high or low pressure of cooling agent. This brings a large reduction of maintenance cost.

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