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PVC-U Electrical Conduit Pipes and Fittings

In accordance with the standards of JG3050-1998, Kingbull’s PVC-U electrical conduit pipes and fittings are engineered from premium quality PVC resins and processing agents in extrusion and injection molding processes. They are mainly used as cable pipes for electrical insulation, with excellent quality and reliability.

Features of the PVC-U Pipes and Fittings
1. High Compressive Strength
Over 1.6mm wall thickness enables the electrical conduits to bear a pressure of more than 750N. Therefore, they allow for not only open installation but also installation in concrete where they will not be damaged by pressure.

2. Excellent Impact Strength and Heat Resistance
During the pouring of concrete, the pipes and fittings will not crack when facing normal impact, and they will not turn soft under the force of heat.

3. Great Moisture Proof and Anti-Corrosion Performance
PVC adhesive is used at each junction, preventing water permeation and providing remarkable moisture resistance. Moreover, the PVC-U electrical conduit pipes are ideal for use in corrosive environments.

4. Heat Insulation and Fire Protection
The pipe will self-extinguish as it is away from the flame for 30 seconds. The flame will not spread along the pipe.

5. Easy Construction
The electrical conduit pipes can be easily cut off for easy construction. Inserting special spring into the pipe, you can bend the pipe to any needed angle at normal temperature. So, you can quickly get the cable pipeline with needed shapes.

Strong and weak electrical conduit pipes

Specifications of the PVC-U Electrical Conduit Pipes
Name Specs (mm) Packaging (pcs /bundle)
PVC-U electrical conduit pipe, Light/medium/heavy duty 16 30
20 30
25 25
32 15
40 7
Name Specs (mm) Packaging (pcs /bundle)
PVC-U Solid wall pipe for underground communication 40 6
50 6
75 6
110 6
160 6
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