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Municipal Drain Pipe System

In the municipal construction, a complete drain pipe system is a must. It directly determines whether the urban sewage, rainwater and other wastewater can be optically treated or recycled, and whether water resources can be scientifically developed. Drainage pipes and fittings are without doubt the most important part in a municipal drain system. At Kingbull, we supply a wide selection of pipes and fittings for the installation of reliable drain pipe networks of a city. They are available in HDPE, FRPP, PVC-U and more material options.

    1. Double wall corrugated pipes are a new type of drain pipe. In virtue of perfect design concept and unique hollow structure, they realize quite even force on pipe wall.
    1. In addition to all the advantages of common plastic pipes such as excellent resistance to corrosion, insulation and small flow resistance, the municipal drain pipe also comes with superior strength and toughness, light weight, high impact strength, less prone to damage, etc. It is an ideal alternative to concrete pipe and cast iron pipe.
    1. Constructed in continuous extrusion, it offers smooth inner surface and high strength. In addition, on its outer surface, the FRPP pipe comes with longitudinal and lateral reinforcing ribs.
    1. By means of professional expertise and know-how in production of the PVC-U pipes and fittings, we are proud to offer products with excellent quality and higher safety and reliability.

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