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HDPE Spiral Wound Pipe

The HDPE spiral wound pipe from Kingbull is a large diameter hollow wall pipe constructed from square or rectangular HDPE pipes using winding machine. In addition to all the advantages of common plastic pipes such as excellent resistance to corrosion, insulation and small flow resistance, the municipal drain pipe also comes with superior strength and toughness, light weight, high impact strength, less prone to damage, etc. It is an ideal alternative to concrete pipe and cast iron pipe.

Applications of HDPE Spiral Wound Pipe
Building field: Building drainage, underground drain, building ventilation, etc.
Industrial field: Wastewater drain in chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries;
Municipal field: Municipal drainage
Agricultural field: Irrigation and drainage in farmlands, fruit gardens, vegetable gardens and woodlands
Water conservancy: Casing pipes for shaft sinking project

Advantages of Kingbull’s HDPE Spiral Wound Pipe
1. Corrosion Resistance: It can not be corroded by sewage, wastewater and chemicals as well as rotten materials in soil.
2. Impact Strength: Due to I-shaped structure on outer surface, the pipe delivers high resistance to impact and pressure, and it will not be cracked when facing foundation subsidence. Furthermore, it can quickly and well recover after deformation, showing exceptional adaptability to any type of foundation.
3. Cold Resistance: With high cold resistance, the construction tubing can still be used at a temperature of -60℃.
4. Light Weight: The weight of our HDPE spiral wound pipe is only 1/8 of concrete pipe’s weight. So, it makes it quite easy to transport and install.
5. Easy Connection: The pipe is easy to connect by means of electric welding or thermal shrinkage method. Compared to cement pipe, it provides shorter construction cycle, lower cost and easier maintenance.
6. Superior Wear Resistance: It comes with higher resistance to wear than steel pipe and cement pipe, thus offering strong ability to transport sewage containing a large volume of waste residues.
7. Excellent Drainage Capacity: Smooth inner surface ensures small flow resistance and quick drainage.
8. Great Environmental Performance: HDPE is non toxic and recyclable. It complies with the environmental standards.

Specifications of our HDPE Spiral Wound Pipe
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