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Underfloor Heating Pipe System

Underfloor heating today is undoubtedly the most technically valid heating solution for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. An indispensable feature of good house is having a good underfloor heating system. To have a good underfloor heating system, you need to have high quality underfloor heating pipes. At Kingbull, we offer a wide range of pipes and fittings to form an excellent floor heating system.

    1. The RPAP5 composite pipes from Kingbull are pipes with plastic protective layers and allowing hot water of 95℃ and 1.25Mpa to flow through.
    1. The PERT underfloor heating pipes and their fittings are made using 4731B PE-RT materials. They reach the standards of ISO/DIS 22391:2007 and DIN 16833:2007.
    1. With all advantages of PE-RT pipes, this floor heating pipe can effectively prevent oxygen permeating into the heating system and thereby eliminate bacteria growth inside the pipes to ensure clean water and better sanitation.
    1. Kingbull PERT-AL-PERT multilayer pipes are designed for underfloor heating systems. They combine the characteristics of both plastic pipes and metal pipes:
      Oxygen impermeability
    1. Kingbull PB pipes and fitting are produced using imported premium quality PB and color masterbatch. Owing to heat fusion connection and mechanical connection, the installation is convenient, reliable and safe, effectively extending service life, with no leak at high temperature.

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