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Polybutylene (PB) Pipes and Fittings

Product Description
PB, referred to as the gold of plastics, has found extensive usage in the world, and the technology is mature and complete. PB pipes and fittings are made of polybutylene as the main materials, which consist of carbon and hydrogen, thus being surely safe and healthy.

Polybutylene Features
-The most prominent performance is excellent resistance to hot-creep, and its environmental stress cracking resistance is also great.
-PB is a kind of composite material of high inertia. It comes with a very high chemical stability and remarkable resistance to microorganism growth.
-So far, it is the most suitable material complying with the pipe hygienic standard for drinking water supply.
-Internal wall of polybutylene pipe is smooth, ensuring not only small process loss but also less prone to sediment incrustation. PB will not cause secondary pollution of water quality, and what’s more reduce running noise.

Kingbull PB pipes and fitting are produced using imported premium quality PB and color masterbatch. Owing to heat fusion connection and mechanical connection, the installation is convenient, reliable and safe, effectively extending service life, with no leak at high temperature.

Applications of Polybutylene Pipes and Fittings
1. Direct Drinking Water and Domestic Hot Water Supply System
In terms of straight drinking water and hot water pipe, Polybutene pipes are a perfect choice for supply drinking water and domestic hot water. They are non poisonous and have on influence on water taste.
2. Underfloor Heating System
PB pipe features excellent resistance to high temperature and pressure. It is the best choice for underfloor heating systems.
3. Solar Heating System, High Temperature Heating system
PB pipe has excellent character of heat preservation, resistance to high/low temperature and long service life. It is ideally used in solar heating system and high temperature heating system.

◎Excellent performance under high temperature and pressure:
Running conditions Design pressure Mpa
0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.25 1.63
High temperature heating system(95 °C ) S5 S5 S5 S4 S 3.2
Underfloor heating system & high temperature heating system S5 S5 S5 S 5 S 4
Domestic hot water ( 70°C ) S5 S5 S5 S5 S4
Domestic hot water ( 60°C ) S5 S5 S5 S5 S4
Domestic hot water ( 20°C ) S5 S5 S5 S5 S5 S5

◎Exceptional elasticity and flexibility
Polybutylene pipes and fittings boast extremely high elasticity and flexibility. Minimum bending radius of the pipe is 5 times as large as the pipe diameter, which make installation convenient and easier.

◎Outstanding resistance to high and low temperature
The PB floor heating pipe has high temperature resistance, with the minimum wall thickness requirement compared to other pipes of different materials. Meanwhile, PB pipe also performs well to brittleness-at-low-temperature, no crack under -20℃.

◎Perfect Safe, sanitary and environmental performance
PB pipe has high chemical stability, resisting corrosion and bacteria growth. It is the ideal piping solution for portable water supply system compliant with sanitary standard. PB pipe is non-poisonous, safe, environmental friendly and recyclable.

Pipe Specifications
Nominal out diameter Mean outer diameter Nominal wall thickness
dn Dem. Min. dem. Max. S5 S4
20 20.0 20.3 1 .9 2.3
25 25.0 25.3 2.3 2.8
32 32.0 32.3 2.9 3.6
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