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PERT Underfloor Heating Pipes and Fittings

The PERT underfloor heating pipes and their fittings are made using 4731B PE-RT materials. They reach the standards of ISO/DIS 22391:2007 and DIN 16833:2007.

The PE-RT pipes and fittings are mainly used for low temperature floor radiant heating system and hydronic heating system.

PE-RT Pipes Features
1. Superior long term hydrostatic strength;
2. Excellent impact strength;
3. Great toughness at normal and low temperature (to -40℃);
4. Smooth inner surface for small resistance to flow;
5. Heat welding ensures no leakage of the whole underfloor heating system

Products Specifications
PE-RT Pipes
Product Name Item Number Series Specifications Package (m/ coil)
PE-RT floor radiant heating pipe 050005001 S5 2 0 ×2.0mm 220
050005002 25×2.3mm 110
050005003 32×2.9mm 55
050004001 S4 20×2.3mm 220
050004002 25×2.8mm 110
050004003 32×3.6mm 55
050003001 S3.2 20×2.8mm 220
050003002 25×3.5mm 110
050003003 32×4.4mm 55
Colors: Yellow, Red
Standards: ISO/DIS 22391:2007, DIN 16833:2007
  • PERT 20
  • PERT 25
  • PE-RT Pipe Coil, White
  • Male Elbow

  • Female Elbow
  • Male Coupling
  • Equal Tee
  • 90° Elbow
  • End Cap
  • Coupling
  • Stainless Steel Manifold
  • Copper Manifold

  • PE-RT Heat Welding Machine
  • Die Heads for PE-RT Heat Welding Machine

Kingbull PE-RT Pipes Advantages
1. We only use the top quality PE-RT materials without addition of recycled materials.
2. We run the original Battenfeld PE-RT pipe extrusion line with KIV forced feed system and advanced BM barrier screw, realizing high speed extrusion at low speed and retaining complete performance.
3. Advanced cooling and sizing system and technique account for high production speed, stable molding, high dimensional accuracy and stability and great appearance.
4. Online control maximizes size accuracy.
5. 100% air pressure test (2MPa, 2min) completely eliminate the potential risk of underfloor installation.
6. We boast complete set of cutting edge test equipment.
7. As the largest and the earliest manufacturer of PE-RT pipes in China, we can product 30t PE-RT pipes a day. Calculating by dn20*S5, we have a production capacity of about 250,000m/d.
8. We strictly enforce three-class quality control system and run standard quality management system.
9. Industry leading ERP system and perfect pipe coding information and production operating record system make production of the pipes traceable.
10. Kingbull boasts rich experience in design and construction of PE-RT floor heating pipes. We can provide you with complete set of auxiliary equipment and materials. You can enjoy one-stop service here.

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