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Water Drainage System

Nowadays, plastic pipes and fittings such as PVC-U pipes and fittings, as well as HDPE pipes and fittings are becoming increasingly popular for water drainage systems. They offer all the advantages you need for sewage and rainwater drainage purposes. At Kingbull, we supply the right PVC-U and HDPE pipes to meet your demands. We are also proud to provide excellent bathroom drainage solution and siphonic roof drainage solution.

    1. We pride ourselves on getting hold of professional expertise and know-how in production of the PVC-U pipes and fittings which will provide excellent quality and higher safety and reliability.
    1. They come with smooth inner surface, ensuring 1.5 times higher drainage capacity than cast iron pipes.
    1. As a stylish drainage solution, same floor drainage system can be used in bathrooms for multi-storey buildings, high-rise buildings, and villas. In particular, it is ideal for the bathroom under which bedroom, living room or kitchen is located.
    1. Our HDPE siphonic roof drainage system is designed to guarantee maximum drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. By means of siphon action which generates pressure flow in the pipe, the system can quickly discharge the rainwater on the roof.

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