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PVC-U Pipes and Fittings for Water Supply

Kingbull PVC-U pipes and fittings for water supply is characterized by light weight, high corrosion resistance, small resistance to flow, energy conservation, easy installation, low cost, etc. They have found large popularity and extensive applications, with remarkable effect.

Application Fields
1. Indoor water supply, reclaimed water system in civilian and industrial buildings;
2. Underground water supply system in residential quarters, factories;
3. Urban water supply pipe networks;
4. Water treatment piping system in water treatment plants;
5. Mariculture industry;
6. Landscape irrigation, shaft mining and other projects

Features of our PVC-U Pipes and Fittings
1. Light weight, easy handling: The water supply pipes and fittings come with small density, ensuring ease of handling.
2. Excellent corrosion resistance: With superior resistance to acid, alkali and other corrosive mediums, they are ideal for chemical industry.
3. Small resistance to flow: Inner wall of the plastic pipes and fittings is so smooth, with a roughness coefficient of only 0.009. So, they have small resistance to flow, effectively improving the hydraulic condition of pipe network and reducing the operating cost of PVC-U system.
4. High mechanical strength: Our PVC-U pipes and fittings come with great compressive strength, impact resistance and tensile strength.
5. Easy construction: Piping construction is easy and rapid, with low expense.
6. Low cost: Low price, ease of handling and installation, and long service life ensure a low cost of construction.
6. No influence on water quality: They are proven in soluble test to have no influence on water quality.

Specifications our PVC-U Pipes and Fittings
PIPE Standard: ISO1452:2009
Specification Compressive strength
0.32Mpa 0.63Mpa 0.8Mpa 1Mpa 1.25Mpa 1.6Mpa 2Mpa
20 - - - - -
25 - - -
32 - - -
40 - - -
50 - -
63 -
125 -
140 -
160 -
180 - -
200 -
225 - -
250 - -

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