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PPR Pipes and Fittings

You can trust Kingbull for your PPR pipes and fittings needs. We develop and produce PPR hot and cold water pipes and fittings and composite pipes and fittings for you every water supply applications. Our PPR pipes, also known of polypropylene pipes combine the excellent hydro-sanitary and sealing performance and safety of plastic pipes and UV resistance, non oxygen permeability and non deformation of metal pipes.

    1. It makes about 5% ethylene in the molecular chain of PP random copolymer, with approximately 140℃ melting point, 130℃ vicat softening point, 270kj/cm2 tensile strength and impact strength.
    1. The PP-R stabi pipes offer all the advantages of PP-R pipes.
      They also come with small linear expansion coefficient that is only 1/5 of that of common PPR pipes, close to that of metal pipes. Comparison diagram is shown below.
    1. Based on years of development and a large number of experiments, Kingbull releases PPR-Steel-PPR composite pipes and combination fittings to the market which successfully handle the connection problems of steel-plastic composite pipes.

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