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PPR-Steel-PPR Composite Pipes and Fittings

Based on years of development and a large number of experiments, Kingbull releases PPR-Steel-PPR composite pipes and combination fittings to the market which successfully handle the connection problems of steel-plastic composite pipes.

The composite pressure pipes mainly come with three connection methods: Double heat welding, bell-and-spigot join and flanged connection.

Application Fields:
1. Architectural engineering: water supply piping system for public buildings, residential houses;
2. Municipal engineering: Urban water supply pipe networks, gas supply pipe system;
3. Communication engineering: Telecommunication line pipe system;
4. Industrial area: Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and mining industries etc.

Features of the PPR-Steel-PPR Composite Pipes and Fittings

1. Excellent Mechanical Strength, High Compressive Strength and Stable Performance
Working pressure: 2.0Mpa
Bursting pressure: 6.0Mpa

2. Small Linear Expansion Coefficient, No Deformation in Exposed Installation

Linear Expansion Coefficient Comparison Diagram

3. Superior Corrosion Resistance, with Small Resistance Coefficient

Inner and outer anti-corrosion, fully sealing, advanced adaptor, completely isolated to liquid flowing through, no water penetration, no corrosion

4. Easy Installation, Long Service Life

Full seal connection, ensuring high safety and sanitation, and long service life

PPR-Steel-PPR Composite Pipes
Standard: CJT_159-2006
Color: White
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