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PPR Hot and Cold Water Pipes and Fittings

PPR Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Kingbull is your trusted supplier of PPR hot and cold water pipes and fittings. Our PP-R pipes for hot and cold water supply are the random copolymer of propylene and ethylene made using advanced gas polymerization process. It makes about 5% ethylene in the molecular chain of PP random copolymer, with approximately 140℃ melting point, 130℃ vicat softening point, 270kj/cm2 tensile strength and impact strength.

Although our PPR pipes have slightly lower impact strength than PP-B, they come with the best combination property due to excellent resistance to long-term creep. To illustrate, they can be surely used for 50 years in hot water at a temperature of less than 70℃. Therefore, they are ideal for the hot and cold water piping system in buildings.

The PPR hot and cold water pipes are widely used for industrial and civilian hot and cold water piping system as well as heating system.

Product Series
Item Spec.(mm) Pack(m/bunch)
PP-R Pipe S2.5 20×3.4 180/300
25×4.2 140/200
32×5.4 80
40×6.7 60
50×8.3 40
63×10.5 24
75×12.5 16
90×15.0 12
Item Spec.(mm) Pack(m/bunch)
PP-R Pipe S3.2 20×2.8 180/300
25×3.5 140/200
32×4.4 80
40×5.5 60
50×6.9 40
63×8.6 24
75×10.3 16
90×12.3 12
110×15.1 8
Item Spec.(mm) Pack(m/bunch)
PP-R Pipe S4 20×2.3 180/300
25×2.8 140/200
32×3.6 80
40×4.5 60
50×5.6 40
63×7.1 24
75×8.4 16
90×10.1 12
110×12.3 8
Item Spec.(mm) Pack(m/bunch)
PP-R Pipe S5 25×2.3 140/200
32×2.9 80
40×3.7 60
50×4.6 40
63×5.8 24
75×6.8 16
90×8.2 12
110×10.0 8
125×11.4 4
Standard: ISO15874-2:2003
Colors: Available in Green, Orange, White and Gray Colors as well as Bicolor

PPR Fittings

  • Elbow
  • End Cap
  • Reducer
  • Tee
  • Cross
  • PPR Flange Core
  • PPR Bypass Bend
  • Male Threaded Elbow
  • Female Threaded Elbow, Wall Mounted
  • Shutoff Valve
  • Metal Flange
  • Female
  • Female Adaptor
  • Female Tee
  • Female Threaded Elbow
  • PPR Union
  • Coupling
  • Reducer
  • Male Union
  • Male Adaptor
  • Male Tee
  • 90° Reducing Elbow
  • Reducing Tee
  • Flange Adaptor

PP-R Tool

PPR die head comes with large taper that is convenient for heat fusion. Teflon coating is applied to avoid sticking of material in welding.
Our PPR welding machine requires a moderate temperature for welding, which is at 260±10℃.

  • PPR Welding Machine and Die Heads
  • PPR Pipe Cutter

Why Kingbull PP-R Pipes and Fittings?
1. Superior Raw Materials
Kingbull’s PP-R pipes and fittings are made using the premium imported materials from Borealis AG, KPIC, etc. or domestic materials from Yanshan Petrochemical. These materials are free from any addition of reclaimed materials, with national standard GB17219compliant sanitary performance and stable quality.

The melt flow rate (MFR) of the raw materials from which Kingbull PPR pipes and fittings are made is within 0.2-0.35g/10min (230℃, 2.16Kg). International standard≤0.5g/10min. (See table 1 for the physical properties of PPR pipe materials)

Physical properties Unit Kingbull PP-R raw material Testing method
Density (23 ℃ ) Kg/m3 0.91 ISO1183
MFR (230 ℃ /2.16KG ) g/10min 0.25~0.31 ISO1133
Pendulum impact strength +23 ℃ KJ/m2 No cracking ISO179
0 ℃ KJ/m2 No cracking
-30 ℃ KJ/m2 No cracking
Tensile yield strength N/mm2 24 ISO527
Elastic modulus N/mm2 850
Vicat softening temperature (10N) 132 ISO306/A
Melting point (DSC curve ) 132 ISO3146
Linear expansion coefficient mm/m·K 1.5×10-4 DIN53752
Thermal conductivity 0.24 DIN52615

2. Cutting-Edge Technology
Kingbull cooperates with universities to continuously improve and update PP-R pipes production techniques.
1) By means of improvement of dies, materials and process, the production speed is increased to 18m/min, and molten plastic stays for a very short time in the extrusion machine, thus ensuring less loss of performance.
2) PPR pipes and fittings are brittle at low temperature. To handle this, we use unique process and formula to remarkably improve the low temperature impact resistance of our PPR pipes.
3) With scientific cooling and shaping process, we make our PPR water pipes approved in 8760 hours continuous testing.

3. Advanced Production Equipment
1) Our extruder comes with BM barrier screw which ensures excellent solid-liquid separation and plasticizing effect, small extrusion output, pressure and temperature fluctuation, great exhaust performance and stable quality of molten plastics. Equipped with KIV forced feeding system, it features fast extruding speed. This ensures that the molten materials stay in the extrusion heads for a very short time, therefore maintaining less loss of performance.

2) Scientific die head design assures the pipes of good appearance as well as superior performance. Rational compression ratio and straight section length of the die head ensure enough pressure which is able to avoid cracking of molten materials and serious expansion after extrusion, and make the pipes glossy and stable in size.
3) Unique sizing and cooling system; It comes with a special pre-cooling structure that makes the freshly extruded pipe tightly fit to the sizing die and thereby leads to stable pipe size. Meanwhile, using water lubricating and jacket water cooling method as well as unique sizing method, the system provides accurate sizing, with small friction, fast cooling and high efficiency, not only ensuring the size stability and roundness of pipes in high speed production, but also offering high crystallinity of PP random copolymer and eliminating concentration of stress.
4) Laser diameter measuring instrument is used to test the outer diameter of pipes. It accounts for a high dimensional stability.
5) A high speed PPR pipe cutter imported from Italy ensures rapid, chip free cutting, ensuring flat and smooth end face and preventing notch stress concentration after cutting.
6) We build a top class laboratory where we introduce a complete set of testing equipment including hydrostatic tester, MFR testing instrument, analyzer differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analyzer, electronic tensile testing machine, Izod impact testing machine, etc.

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